As a fraternity that is heavily invested in service, we have chosen S.O.S. Children’s Villages International to be our national philanthropy. This foundation has been working with disadvantaged families around the world (over 133 different countries) since 1960 in order to prevent crises that can lead to family separation. The focus is on abandoned, destitute and orphaned children requiring family-based child care. Millions of children worldwide are living without their biological families therefore S.O.S. provides about 50,000 such children and 15,000 young adults with a permanent new family, with a ’24 hours a day’ new SOS mother to provide family-based care.

We have isolated this as a worthwhile focus since the youth are truly the world’s most valuable long-term renewable resource. Concordantly, we want to plant the seeds of the future now by properly cultivating the present. The underprivileged youth are among the greatest tragedies across humanity. It is our inherent responsibility as concerned global citizens to assess how we might best assist those who need it the most and follow through in providing them with opportunities graciously afforded to ourselves.

In the past, we have raised over $15,000 in a single year to put towards constructing new villages and maintaining the already existing 450+ villages worldwide.

As of 2009, we have officially and exclusively allied ourselves with SOS Children’s Village International, an organization that directly impacts the lives of underprivileged children across the world. By helping to provide orphans with caring families and helping poverty-stricken children overcome their plight, we are making the definitive difference in the lives of dozens of children.


On a national scale, we host various events and endorse regional/local events that foster brotherhood bonding. Some of these type of events are:


An annual event that brings together brothers from around the country for a weekend of events and comraderie.


Semi-Annual conferences hosted within each region, geared towards teaching brothers how to successfully run their chapter


Biennial conferences hosted by National Executive Board to provide a platform for leadership development and organizational growth


Semi-annual awards are given at a local and/or regional level to recognize brothers for their hard work and dedication to the organization.


These could be local, regional, or national tournaments in various sports such as basketball, football, and soccer to promote teamwork


Occasionally, chapters or regions host outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, boating, and many more.


Our membership is comprised of individuals from all different nationalities, ethnicities, religions, and creeds. As a truly multicultural fraternity, we are committed to promoting diversity and cultural awareness on university campuses across the nation. This map shows the spread of different countries represented within our organization: