Our pillars of Society, Brotherhood, and Remembrance were established upon the formation of the Alpha Chapter at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, on August 16, 1996. Our founders realized the unique promise of a Greek-lettered organization that instills positive values among its members, provides an avenue for leadership, and promotes self-betterment.

In its nascent stages, these founders understood that they must maintain a constant and growing nationwide network in order to truly manifest their organizational vision. As such, several new brothers were inducted on August 22, 1998 in New York. At this time, eight men from three different universities were given the status of National Founding Fathers as they were the visionaries who established the Fraternity for years to come.

Modern day Sigma Beta Rho has grown considerably since its inception.  We have expanded from our roots on the East Coast to forty five recognized active chapters and colonies that span the breadth of the nation.  This growth stems from a reputation for excellent, values-based programming, diversity among our brotherhood, and alignment with the ideals of many students who strive for a competitive edge before entering a post-globalized working world.

As an organization that prides itself on having individuals from every continent, ethnicity, and religion, we seek to foster enriching, cross-cultural discourse both amongst our members and within our campus communities.  Through the efforts of our brothers, we have become the largest, most expansive fraternity of our kind in seventeen years.  With each passing day, we strive to take one more step towards realizing the nationwide network envisioned by our National Founding Fathers.

Our Vision

This applies not just to accepting and celebrating the cultural, racial, sexual, and other differences that characterize our membership, but to an understanding of brotherhood beyond the ranks of our own organization – not just Greek unity, but humanity as a whole. This is imagined as an ideal for which we strive – to make a positive impact in and on the lives of others irrespective of difference.

Our Mission Statement

To cultivate a global leadership network, founded in brotherhood, and impassioned by service to each other and our world.