About Our Entities

We currently have 23 chapters, 10 associate chapters, and 14 colonies. Each of these three distinctions indicate the level of achievement of the respective entity.


Chapters have earned their place in the history of Sigma Beta Rho by the designation of a Greek letter. The Greek letter is assigned to a chapter based on the order in which they earn Chapter Status (for instance, University of Pennsylvania is our first chapter, and thus, earned the Alpha letter designation). If a "lettered" chapter is ever disbanded, that letter will always be reserved for that university and reassigned when a colony is re-established and chapter status is earned again.

Associate Chapters

Associate Chapters are our mid-tier entities. They have proven themselves with a significant presence at their university through campus involvement, and have reached consistent levels of fundraising and community service that earn them this designation. Associate Chapters are in the active pursuit of the pinnacle of entity achievement: Chapter Status.


Our colonies are our youngest entities. Colonies are newly-established entities that have not yet reached a level of success to be considered for the status of Associate Chapter. Once a colony has grown for at least two years and hit certain performance benchmarks, they are considered for Associate Chapter status. The performance of the colony is evaluated and the designation of Associate Chapters is announced each summer.